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Mini Pool Hack: Infinite Time Şimdi Oyna!
Omega Crisis Hack: Everything's Free - No Power Use - Tech Points Şimdi Oyna!
Imperium Hack: Bonus pts. Note: To spend them quickly press tab then enter. Şimdi Oyna!
Dragon Rage Hack: Health,starting level and points Şimdi Oyna!
Crimson Warfare Hack: Money, Income, Health, 1 hp for enemy, credits Şimdi Oyna!
Command and Defend Hack: Get a few kills to get Unlimited Cash Şimdi Oyna!
Castles of Talesworth Hack: Money on endurance and free stuff on campaign ! Şimdi Oyna!
Furious Tank Hack: Press key 1 for: Infinite Cash,Invincibility and Experience! Şimdi Oyna!
Spore Craft - UPDATED Hack: Mitosis button always works / exceed population limit / can also upgrade the cells and bypass the DNA checks Şimdi Oyna!
Flash Trek: Delta Expanse Hack: Keyhacks: R to add 100 resources on each press; S to add 50 points to All Shields. Cheats available: maxlat, inclat, maxdur, imgood, imbad, youhateme, ilovetocheat, getinthebooth, youloveme, urmine, allknowing, byebyeklingons, everyonelovesme, earthownsall. Şimdi Oyna!
Bubble Tanks Arenas Hack: Invincibility,Everything is free - No usage of Gun & Bubble Points,10000% Armor,High Speed for all Avatars,Best Tanks revealed & High Class! Şimdi Oyna!
Poker Flash Hack: Press M to add $100 to your budget & B to Bankrupt your enemies. Needs 1 turn so the labels refresh. Şimdi Oyna!
King of the Rocks - Part One Hack: Upgrading/Leveling up Castles is Free Şimdi Oyna!
Medieval Mercenary Hack: Enemies cause less damage,health pickups fully refill your energy,gold pickups make infinite gold,all weapons double damaged,no reload and every weapon and upgrade cost $1 Şimdi Oyna!
War of Cells Hack: Evolution Points hack Şimdi Oyna!
Hustler Hack: 999999 Health, 999999 Money, and 999 Ammo Şimdi Oyna!
Galactic Invaders Hack: No Build Limit - Instant Units Spawn ! Şimdi Oyna!
SantaVille Hack: Wood & Bread (Resources hack) Şimdi Oyna!
Burger Restaurant Hack: Make zero money to get to the next level. Şimdi Oyna!
Sea of Fire v1.1 Hack: Cash hack Şimdi Oyna!
Invasion 4 Hack: Infinite gold Şimdi Oyna!
LifeBuoys Hack: Lives Şimdi Oyna!
Indecision Money Hack: Most buildings give you cash. Note: Buying regular cars gives you all resources (Spam cars for resources) Şimdi Oyna!
Kingdomy Hack: gold,food,morale Şimdi Oyna!
Sushi Go Around - No poop!! Hack: money, your costumers never get mad Şimdi Oyna!
City Rain Hack: Money hack Şimdi Oyna!
Battle Of Lemolad *FIXED* Hack: Press 1 on the keyboard for more iron,gold,stone,wood and food! Şimdi Oyna!
Rizk Hack: All purchases add coins. No need for health as you can buy lots of defenders. Şimdi Oyna!
Prison Bustout Hack: Press "A" To Hide anywhere "Even in the Lights" & You Can't be shot . Şimdi Oyna!
Invasion 3 Hack: Infinite Gold (99999999) Şimdi Oyna!
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