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Happy Wheels Demo Hack: Invincibility Şimdi Oyna!
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Hack: Everything is free! Şimdi Oyna!
Destroy More Cars Hack: All levels and cars unlocked. Şimdi Oyna!
Coaster Racer Hack: 99999 dollars Şimdi Oyna!
CycloManiacs Hack: All upgrades 1$ - Flipping no longer resets you, stunt, or boost - Earn boost super easy - see extra info below Şimdi Oyna!
Coal Express 3 Hack: $1000 - Infinite Boost - Only 1 Cargo needed - Trains & levels - Trains & Upgrades $1 - Trains maxed to 10's - Gold, Silver, & Bronze times doubled - Train won't blow up as long as you have 1 cargo - Glass & Fuel cargo don't Blow! Şimdi Oyna!
Uphill Rush Hack: 99999999 Lives, Infinite Turbo and more Time added Şimdi Oyna!
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Hack: Invincible - Infinite Nitrous - All levels Unlocked - All vehicle upgrades unlocked after one race! Şimdi Oyna!
Box10 BMX Hack: You can't crash. Note : when you're doing a trick and the trick meter isn't completely down you'll be a ghost (disappear) - just keep going for a second in any direction and you'll re-appear back on the stage. Şimdi Oyna!
Tractor Mania Hack: Unlimited health - Click the FX icon in the menu to have all levels and tractors unlocked. Şimdi Oyna!
Freeway Fury Hack: 2x more time - 9999 continues - Infinite Nitro "Get some first" - Mini Cooper & Red Ferrari infinite Health - Special Black Ferrari infinite frame resistance instead of increased frame resistance "Unlocked after beating game - look for it while playing" Şimdi Oyna!
Monster Bus Hack: Press L each time to add 5 lives. Note : the game is 8MB so be patient while it loads. Şimdi Oyna!
Cube Runner Hack: Invincible player Şimdi Oyna!
Transformers Truck Hack: Unlimited Time & You can pass a level even if you don't deliver any cargo Şimdi Oyna!
Ben 10 Ultimate Moto 2 Hack: The Special Bike is unlocked after beating the first level Şimdi Oyna!
Drag Race Demon: Deluxe Hack: Load Of Cash - Infinite Lives! Şimdi Oyna!
Diesel and Death Hack: 9 total hacks, Click Hack button on bottom of the game that says "Click here for Hacks". If you don't see it, refresh the game! Şimdi Oyna!
High Speed Chase 2 Hack: Car Health, 1 Billion $, Target Teleport, Timer, and 32 weapon hacks ! NOTE: Hack buttons below game, if you don't see them reload or refresh page until you do ! Şimdi Oyna!
Drag Racer V3 Hack: 999999999 money for any difficulty has 3 different engines with 1000 hp and tq and 3 with 99999 hp and tq - even if you use the cheat to unlock everything in the beginning instead on $5000000 u get $999999999 Şimdi Oyna!
Drag Racer v1.17f Hack: A lot of money on both normal and cheat mode. Şimdi Oyna!
Mining Truck Hack: Unlimited time and 1 cargo item needed to finish the game Şimdi Oyna!
Atlantis Squarepantis Bus Rush Hack: Bus uses no fuel. Şimdi Oyna!
Five Trucks Hack: Click CLEAR DATA to get Infinite Money,All Trucks Unlocked & Use Power anytime you want - even if not fully charged Şimdi Oyna!
Max Dirt Bike 2 Hack: All 30 levels unlocked Şimdi Oyna!
Swift Buggy Hack: Infinite Cash Şimdi Oyna!
Army Rider Hack: Infinite Lives - Health - Mines can't kill you but flipping over can Şimdi Oyna!
Manic Rider Hack: Lives and bonus score hack Şimdi Oyna!
Ultimate Ambulance Hack: Press key 1 for unlimited lives. Şimdi Oyna!
Mini Monster Challenge 2 Hack: All challenges & Trucks unlocked Şimdi Oyna!
Mad Truckers Hack: Infinite health and faster truck Şimdi Oyna!
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