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Sin Mark Hack: Health, Mana, Critical Rate Hack. Just right click and press forward than right click again and press on the play. Şimdi Oyna!
F18 Strike Force Hack: Unlimited bombs, rockets and fuel - Lots of health. Şimdi Oyna!
Sinjid Battle Arena Hack: Speed Hack (DO NOT SAVE) ,Money and EXP Points after the first battle. Şimdi Oyna!
Pico Blast Hack: Infinite Health, infinite lives. Şimdi Oyna!
Beekus Big Adventure Chapter 1 Hack: A lot of ammo added and infinite Health Şimdi Oyna!
Metal Slug 3 Hack: Infinite Life Şimdi Oyna!
The Diamonds Transporter Hack: 1 Diamond needed to pass the level Şimdi Oyna!
The Fairly OddParents: Cleft Vs. The Thingamajigs Hack: Only 1 hit needed to break any colored block (except for the steel ones - they can't be broken). Şimdi Oyna!
Path of Freeman Hack: Health,Armor,Weapon Ammo,Faster Speed Şimdi Oyna!
No Time to Explain Hack: Press key Q to have the super beam, press key E to disable it. Note - the hack may cause lag in some old PCs. Şimdi Oyna!
Assassin Sigma Hack: Health hack. Şimdi Oyna!
Knights Castle Hack: To use health hack, right click and choose restore health and restore castle health-by RJT, Speed hack, dmg hack, tech points hack, 0 reload-by mathewthe2 Şimdi Oyna!
Puppet Melee Hack: Every equipment and weapon is free...Note: Right click -> Play Şimdi Oyna!
Excited Insects Hack: Health and ammo hack. Şimdi Oyna!
Rufus Da Demon Hack: Infinite Health, 9999999 Money and Enemies are more worth Şimdi Oyna!
Mob Posse Hack: Lots of cash, needs only 1 exp point to evolution and instant evolution Şimdi Oyna!
Agent Wing Defenders Final Hack: Health hack Şimdi Oyna!
Ultimate Monster Trucks Hack: Unlimited life hack. Şimdi Oyna!
Blazing Squad 3 Hack: Health,Ammo for all weapons (Pistol & MG),Pistol shoots like the MG & Press E to End the level Şimdi Oyna!
Fratboy House Wars Hack: 999999999 ammo for all weapons Şimdi Oyna!
Metal Slug 2 Hack: Infinite Health Şimdi Oyna!
Ninja Frog Hacked Hack: All levels unlocked, Sticky time increased. Şimdi Oyna!
Cyber SWAT Hack: Unlimited Hull (health),Lives (just in case) & Mission codes (anime,fahrenheit) Şimdi Oyna!
Battlefield 2 Hack: Infinite Life, 999 Grenades and Ammo Şimdi Oyna!
Ricochet Kills: Players Pack Hack: Infinite Ammo Şimdi Oyna!
Draw Story Hack: You can draw 101 of each box, everytime you die you get a life, 999999999999 energy Şimdi Oyna!
BMX Tricks Hack: Doubled timer and start off with 1000 points...Note: Right click -> Play Şimdi Oyna!
Donut Empire Hack: 10000 Starting Cash, All goods 10, And all Upgrades under $50 Şimdi Oyna!
Robo Slug Hack: Invincible - Grenades increased to 999999999 - For 2nd boss Hit on the big black spot Şimdi Oyna!
One Man's Doomsday 2 Hack: Speed, Jump, Life Şimdi Oyna!
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