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Crazy Action Joe Hack: Start with infinite cash (you autowin the first level so just press Again to continue playing) Şimdi Oyna!
Tsunami Fighter Hack: Press key 1 to win the current fight - note: only use it during fights. Şimdi Oyna!
Parking Lot 1 Hack: Unlimited lives and timer doubled Şimdi Oyna!
Smiley Gone Mad Hack: Grab a healthpack to get infinite health and lives - All Weapons Unlimited Ammo & Automatic Şimdi Oyna!
Path of Freeman Hack: Health,Armor,Weapon Ammo,Faster Speed Şimdi Oyna!
Donut Empire Hack: 10000 Starting Cash, All goods 10, And all Upgrades under $50 Şimdi Oyna!
Fasci Zombies 2 Hack: Unlimited Gold - Faster HP regeneration - Press G to get 100 normal,rifle and special grenades. Şimdi Oyna!
The Ball Of Death Hack: lives! Sorry,I couldn't find a time hack,but you probably won't need it anyway! Şimdi Oyna!
Worrior Hack: Press 1 for health/lives hack Şimdi Oyna!
Tank Wars Hack: Infinite Armor Şimdi Oyna!
Pandemonium Hack: Infinite continues and the player health bar is always full so need to hurry Şimdi Oyna!
Robin Hood and Treasures Hack: Infinite Time for each level Şimdi Oyna!
Gunrox - Valentines Day Hack: Infinite Money Şimdi Oyna!
Rugger Bugger Hack: Infinte Farts Şimdi Oyna!
Rainbow Sphere Hack: "Invincibility" - you can still get stuck, and I don't think there is a reset button Jump from midair possible Şimdi Oyna!
Newgrounds Rumble Hack: Cash Şimdi Oyna!
Fireman Incoming Storm Hack: Robot is invincible. Şimdi Oyna!
Armada Assault 1 Hack: Money, lives and HP Şimdi Oyna!
Armada Tanks Hack: 99999 Money and Infinity Lives Şimdi Oyna!
Hero RPG Current Version 2.5 NEW Hack: 999999 Gold 9999999HP AND MP 999stats 9999 skil points all stats 60... Şimdi Oyna!
Aliens vs Predator Hack: 99999999 Life Şimdi Oyna!
Ricochet Kills: Players Pack Hack: Infinite Ammo Şimdi Oyna!
Ninja Bolt Hack: Unlimited Powah after picking up a ring (energy for attacks and jumps) Şimdi Oyna!
Slammings Hack: If you lose all your lives you win,need 1 point for gold medal each level! Şimdi Oyna!
Thug Hack: x5 more Health & Unlimited lives Şimdi Oyna!
Power Tank Hack: Lives and Upgrade Points hacked Şimdi Oyna!
Invasion 2 Hack: Archers and Rams cost $0. The Rams have 777777777 hp. Rams, Archers, Infantry, Cavalry, Mangonels and Trebuchets all have upgraded damage + move speed + attack speed. Şimdi Oyna!
Cursor Killer Hack: Cursor is invincible. Şimdi Oyna!
Bat Country Hack: Unlimited health. Şimdi Oyna!
Clear Skies Elite WW3 Hack: Hacks included in this game are invincibility, no overheat, speed increase and unlocking of the gallery. - NOTE: All cheats are turned on and off by right clicking the mouse and selecting them. Şimdi Oyna!
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